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2013 Labyk Award Winner with then MACHA president Jessica Higgs

2013 Labyk Award Winner with then MACHA president Jessica Higgs


Chris Labyk Award for Promising Student Health Initiatives 

Currently, two monetary awards are available from the Mid-America College Health Association: the Chris Labyk Award for Promising Student Health Initiatives and the Steve Lux Scholarship. 

The Chris Labyk Award for Promising Student Health Initiatives is intended to assist college health programs undertake pilot interventions, assist with unfunded or under-funded mandates, and pursue important college health objectives that do not currently have sufficient funding. The award is in the name of Ms. Christine Labyk, a long-time MACHA member and health educator at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Chris was honored for her passion about college health education and prevention. This award also recognizes Chris’ track record of more than 20 years of providing excellent leadership and advocacy for effective student health and wellness services. The MACHA Board of Directors voted unanimously to honor her with this award to encourage others to undertake excellent and effective initiatives.


Eligible recipients must either be the representative of a member institution (RMI) or a regular individual member of the ACHA within the MACHA region of Indiana; Illinois; Kentucky; Michigan; or Ontario, Canada. Individual members or RMIs must have been a member in good standing for the year prior to submitting an application. Other ACHA membership categories such as sustaining, associate, student (see below), or emeritus members of the association are not eligible. Applications from MACHA Board members, institutions of Board members, or award program committee members are acceptable, but those members must exclude themselves from award deliberations and decisions for any year where such a potential conflict exists.

Student Members

Student members are encouraged to participate as an educational experience and as voting members of the award committee. They may also participate in the development of proposals by their home institutions. However, if they serve on the review committee they must exclude themselves from the mini-award evaluation process.

Awards Timeline

Applications Due: September 1, 2019

Award Period: October 2019 to October 2020

Mid-year Award Report due: April 1, 2020

Final Award Report due: November 1, 2020

Apply Now!

Download Chris Labyk Award for Promising Student Health Initiatives Application & Guidelines.

Applicant should send the completed information sheet and copies of narrative to:

c/o Chair, MACHA Award Committee

Tammy Loew

Senior Assistant Director, Wellness Programs

Purdue University Division of Recreation and Wellness

Previous Labyk Winners: 
2018 – The Campus Health Center at Wayne State University, implementing a campus-wide hand washing campaign & Western Kentucky University 2017 – Michigan State University to support expansion of Exercise is Medicine on Campus program
2017 – Southern Illinois University Carbondale to create a pilot resiliency program
2016 – Michigan State University to fund alcohol-free tailgate initiative
2015 – Transylvania University, University of Louisville, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale
2014 – Southern Illinois University to implement a peer education program
2013 – Illinois State University to implement a bystander intervention program
2013 – University of Louisville to create the Nutrition Navigator program